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District 47 assists refuge for victims of domestic violence

Jan 28, 2022

With COVID-19, we’ve seen spin-off impacts like unemployment, dependence on food banks and increased domestic violence. The Haven Society exists to respond to violence suffered by women and children in the mid-Vancouver Island area – another sort of epidemic. Now, a $4,000 grant from District 47 Vancouver Island of RTOERO will help to refurbish Haven Society’s intake transition room and their ability to provide a peaceful refuge.

RTOERO include retirees and active employees from the broader education community, and has a mission to improve the lives of members and seniors.

The intake transition room is used at times for counseling sessions. But most often, it’s meant to be a short-term, private sanctuary where clients and children can feel more secure. The room will be filled with comfy chairs, a loveseat, coffee tables, a children’s table and chairs, an easel and artwork.